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Welcome to Inoxcolorz

Eco-friendly stainless steel product has come in India that is led by INOXCOLORZ

INOXCOLORZ has been producing a multitude of world best products based in our cutting edge high vacuum technology such as various colored stainless steel sheets, pipes and other products that are equipped with both functionality and sleek design by hybrid coating technology.

Surface Treatment - Mirror

Mirror stainless steel is a 2B/BA/NO.1 stainless steel goes through the polish machine

Surface treatment-PVD coating colors

PVD coating colors treatment is to obtain an oxidation film on the stainless steel surfaceand make the steel colorful.

Surface Treatment - Etching

Etching stainless steel:Stainlesssteel go through by the chemical method and than come out the

Surface Treatment - Embossing

There's two types of embossing stainless steel. one is sheet embossing and the other one is coil embossing,